Anastasia's  ePortfolio
For one of my Friday Outings I went on a little vacation to Kanab Utah as part of the Senior Project but also to spend time with my class mates before I graduate. My whole Advisory went to the animal shelter Best Friends.  We stayed in a huge house where we would eat breakfast and dinner. Most days we would eat lunch at the animal shelter. At the Best Friends animal shelter we would clean up the animal cages and feed the dogs. There were many breeds of dogs.

 We went to the pet cemetery in Kanab where they have a heavenly gate. Inside the cemetery they had statues of dogs, cats and rabbits. They even have wind chimes for their spirits.

The next day we took a tour of a wild animal shelter. They had all kinds of birds that would make lots of noise just to get your attention. They even had rabbits that were sick or pregnant and we volunteered to clean their cages.

I loved the trip because everyone got a long and we were like a huge family.