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Autobiography O f Anastasia Stowe 

My name is Anastasia Jane Stowe I was born in Kargonda ,Kazakhstan a part of the old Soviet Union.  When I was 10 days old my biological mother couldn’t take care of me so I was placed in an Orphanage. When I was 2 years old I was adopted and came to the United States.   I was very sick with pneumonia and intestinal parasites.  Another little girl was adopted at the same time, she is now my sister, Nina.

I ended up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado with my Mom, Karen, Dad, Walt and four older brothers. One of them, the oldest, Nathan, went  to  the University of Oregon and he is a Landscaping Architect.  Pat, the second oldest brother is a chief at a 19th Street Dinner  and has two sons named Michael, 13 and Patrick Jr who is 9 years old. Phil was popular in high schools and was a foot ball player and all around jock.  He is married and has a little girl named Adalyn.   John, my youngest brother has worked for Ace Roofing for about 10 years.  That leaves my sister, Nina, who is 20 and works for Walmart.

When I was in Preschool at C.Q.G. I had a boyfriend named Emit   We used to have play dates at my house.  But one day in school he cut off my pigtail.  This made me very sad.

Next year I went to Sopris Elementary school.   My all time favorite classes was  Music with Mrs. Courier.  My favorite part of it was that we used to do musicals for the whole school. One of our musicals was called “How Does Your Garden Grow?”   My part was a Tulip dancing and singing along with all my flower friends.
After Elementary School I went to Glenwood Springs Middle School. The worst  part of Middle School was that I thought  I didn’t have any friends.  But the best part was that my brother, Phil was a Track and Field  helper and would also teach P.E. when Mr. Risner was gone.

When I was in Glenwood High School, I didn’t really enjoyed school except for ditching classes and go out with friends. But the assemblies we would go to were awesome and funny. I use to make fun of the cheerleaders and make funny faces at them.  For my Junior year, I went to Bridges.  I liked the principal, Lynn, she was really helpful with personal and school problems.

I came to Yampa High School for my Senior year. I have had interesting classes like hiking, swimming and Yoga. We have even gone on  a field trip to Kanad, Utah. We stayed a week there and helped the animals shelter by cleaning up animal habitats and taking dogs for walks.  We even went on some tours of the wild animals and learned how they act and why they are at the shelter and not in the wild.

After  High School I am planning on getting a job I think I would like to work at a Coffee shop or perhaps at one of the Big Box Stores.  I would also like to  take classes at Colorado Mountain College for  photography.

Anastasia Jane Stowe

 1801 Ouray Rd 
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


          2011                   Yampa Mountain High School
                                      Glenwood Springs, CO
                                      High School Diploma

Community Service

                                      Extended Table
                                      Glenwood Springs

                                      Best Friends Animal Shelter
                                      Kanab Utah


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