Anastasia's  ePortfolio

In an attempt to experience different jobs for four Mondays I went out shadowing people doing their jobs. For The first Monday I went to the fire department and shadowed E.M.Ts and I went around the fire house I asked questions on what they are supposed to do on their job. After that we went to City market to buy some food for the fire house. When suddenly we got a call from dispatch about a drunken man. When we got there the police came and took over. We left and went back to shopping. Then we got another call about a dead body in the river. But when we got there, there was no dead body. Then got another call and we headed to a house and some people I knew were there. The problem was that there was a rotten smell. The fire fighters said that it was toxic. I stayed in the red fire truck. After all this we went back to the fire station and that was the end of my day.

For my second day of shadowing I went to Safeway. I talked to the manager, Dan, explained to me about the appearance of food and about putting labels with dates on the food.  He also said it was important to place food on the shelves to look good. The managers has a list of things to do every they also check on the people that work there too so that everything stays okay.

On day three, I went to my mother’s work place, Glenwood Medical Associates. I meet Cynthia, the head of Reception Services. She introduced me to the ladies making a appointments. I went into the Call Center and learned how calls are directed to the other people in the building.

Day four was spend at Game Stop. The Manager knew a lot about the different games and types of entertainment offered in his store. However this was the least interesting of my shadowing experience.